Sports Massage

Don't wait for injury to strike before seeking treatment.

More than just a treatment for injuries, sports massage produces overwhelming benefits physically, physiologically and psychologically. 

Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension.

Sports massage is a type of massage that can alleviate pain occurring in certain parts of the body, which can be caused by too much physical activity or overactivity of different muscle groups. This type of massage was originally developed to serve athletes as a way to prevent and relieve injuries, but both athletes and non-athletes can gain physiological and psychological benefits.

I'm not an athlete, is sports massage still an option for me?

Yes! We are experienced at keeping tired legs and arms happy but can also work wonders on any area of the body. The office and commute can be a killer so book in for some release work on your back, neck and shoulders.

30 minute,

45 minute and 1 hour appointments available