Digital yoga classes


wind down evening yoga flow: Tues 6pm-7pm


What is Yoga?

What do I need? What do I wear?

Yoga is for YOU.  Yoga is a physical practice for the body, mind and breath - working with syncing movements with our breath building stability, strength and flexibility together. Sarah teaches predominately Vinyāsa flow, meaning a movement for each breath and some stronger poses held for longer.


A sample 60 min class will consist of,

5 mins Warm Up & intention

15 mins setting up standing postures

15/20 mins flow with holds

5 mins balance poses

10 mins floor work 

5/10 mins relaxation and mediation 


Sarah will be offering a 'Wind down evening yoga flow' - no prior knowledge of yoga is needed, and newbies welcomed! 

A mat! And apart from that just yourself!

Sarah’s classes will be suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. 

Yoga blocks and straps can be helpful assists or supports but are not a necessity - options will be offered. 

Any form of loose comfortable clothing you feel you can stretch your range of motion in. Sports bra recommended for female practitioners.


Along with your Zoom link, Sarah will send you a Spotify playlist for the class - you are invited to practice to this, your own music or the sounds of the world!


Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet, but please practice how you feel most comfortable. 

Why do Yoga? Isn’t it a religion or something?

Yoga is an ancient practice that began in India over 5000 years ago! Wisdom about our bodies and minds has been passed through generation to generation until eventually coming into what we know as modern day yoga. Yoga aids us in stilling our minds, coming into our bodies and empowering that peaceful, powerful place inside us - (whilst getting a lovely toning and strength practice as a bonus!)


Yoga is often confused as religious due to its philosophical routes, but yoga is removed from any specific dogma and is not a religious practice. Yoga is practice for the self. 

Who is Sarah??

Sarah is Josie’s younger sister!


Currently based between London and North Kilworth Sarah works as a performer and a newly certified yoga teacher (training under Michelle Young in Dallas, Texas during our lockdown)!


Sarah has been a yoga practitioner for over 5 years and is very excited to share her love of movement and yoga.


Sarah is Yoga Alliance 200 hr certified. 


If you have any questions/queries or concerns, Sarah would love to hear from you! You can contact her directly on 


Website -

Facebook page - Flow Rogue 

Instagram - @flowrogue 

Email -


I have been attending virtual yoga classes with Sarah now for a few weeks and I'm loving them. I had no previous experience of Yoga so didn't really know what to expect but, I'm so glad I decided to give the classes a go. Sarah explains each move step by step clearly, helping you get the most out of the different positions. I can definitely feel and see a difference each week as my confidence grows with each session. The classes leave me feeling relaxed and switched off at the end of the day.


I’ve done YouTube yoga for 2 years, however online classes with Sarah is something completely different. It is real here and now, personal and so motivating - I was blown away by her kind, welcoming attitude to the yoga practice and will be attending many more classes of hers!