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Thorn Performance Physiotherapy & Pilates Ltd.

Thorn Performance is a physiotherapy and pilates clinic based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. We offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries and conditions. Our treatment approach is very hands-on and will generally consist of a course of manual therapy and/or acupuncture alongside corrective exercises to get you back to full health. Pilates can be used as part of your recovery, and then further into preventative rehab as you build your strength and return to other activities, hobbies or sports.

Why 'Thorn Performance'?

The name 'Thorn Performance' was born from my own personal experience of injury. Initially getting injured felt like a failure, but as I became more involved in my rehabilitation I discovered that this injury was actually the outward signs of an underlying weakness. This injury enabled me to identify this, focus on improving it, and overcome it. I have come out the other-side stronger than ever before.

Injuries often develop because of an underlying weakness, and it is only by identifying these weaknesses and correcting them that we can become strong. I hope to educate people about their bodies, change their mindset to bring true physical and mental strength to everyone I work with and help them to fall in love with the joy of movement. 

Just as the rose comes from the thorn, our strength comes from our weakness. From our weaknesses we are made strong!


I studied my Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, Australia. After spending 8 years in Australia I have returned home to the UK to work and travel a bit closer to home. I spent 2 years time working in a MSK Sports & Rehab Clinic on the NSW Mid-North Coast (Port Macquarie) where I had the opportunity of working alongside a variety of elite athletes from Crossfitters to IronMen, to royal ballerinas to rugby players, working alongside some of the Waratahs and Wallabies. I have a passion for people and for movement, and my biggest joy is to see these passions align in physio. I love to enable people to optimise their movement, reduce pain and reach their goals, working together as a team.

I am trained in Acupuncture & Dry-Needling  (AACP) as well as Pilates instruction in both Matwork (APPI) and Reformer (DMA) Clinical Pilates. I plan to undertake a Masters in advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy or Sports with ambitions to become a specialist MACP physiotherapist.

I enjoy running and have completed three half marathons in the past year, as well as finishing London Marathon in April 2018 as my first marathon in aid of the Lord's Taverners. I will be running London Marathon 2019 this year in aid of Brain Tumour Research. I complement my running with weekly CrossFit and Pilates to keep me strong and prevent any nasty niggles arising.


Our number 1 fan.

Notable achievements include winning 1st prize at Market Harborough Obedience School and willingly completely 2 sets of half marathon training. 

Darcy once broke his tail from wagging it too hard.